The Dinosaurs and The Children


Defining Value in Real Estate Services


Many of our competitors will give you a set rate:  $499 flat on the discount end or 6% on the traditional end.  Huge difference.  Oh sure, the discounters also have a $999-plan, and if pressed, the traditional players will work for 5%, but they are each stuck in their respective niches.  As far as these guys are concerned, it's a two-product market, top and bottom, old and new.


Today's Real Estate Market


Much is written about this developing schism in the real estate business, between the old-line, traditional firms and the new-breed discounters. Both of these models have problems.  In short, the problem with traditional firms is that agents are unable to compete for business.  The problem with the discounters is that they often fail to protect the best interest of their clients. These very different problems have one thing in common - they are the result of what we might think of as End Spectrum business models.  That is, let's not look at the real estate business as an either/or proposition, but rather as a continuous spectrum.  The traditional firms sit securely atop the 'Rockefeller' end, with their heads firmly in the sand, and the discounters roam the 'Wild West' end, where chaos reigns.  And understandably, they sure hate to deal with each other.


Our flexible, mid-spectrum business model allows our brokers to compete with, and deal with, both ends.  We believe this allows us to be competitive and serve the best interests of our clients.


So, what does Brick and Garden Charge?


Unlike our competitors, the dinosaurs and the children, we do not have a set commission structure.  This flexible approach ensures that our clients receive everything they want and need, but do not have to pay for more.


Comparison Shopping for Real Estate Services


Shop around?  Absolutely!  But for real estate services of any kind, it is vital to make an apples-to-apples comparison.  Simple price comparison is not adequate. Potential clients must compare each broker's Price/Service-Level Proposition.


What is Value?


There are three ways to shop for anything.  Shop for price; shop for service; or shop for value.  Our firm is not anti-traditional real estate or anti-discount real estate.  We are simply pro-value.  We talk about the Price/Service-Level Proposition, but this is just another way of saying value.  We believe that the overarching problem with real estate today is the customer perception of lack of value.  Sadly, we also believe that this perception is often based on reality.



Value = Service/Price


Therefore, like Nordstrom and Walmart, value can be found at any price point and at any service-level.


So, why 'Dinosaurs' and 'Children'?


Children do not always tell the whole truth and they sometimes like to avoid responsibility.  As for dinosaurs, well, they are extinct.


For more on seller and buyer fees, as well as compensation issues between the various types of firms, see our FAQ page.

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